About Xerise

Xerise is a small studio of young creatives that aim to give their best to make fun games for everyone. We’re mainly computer science and engineering student that gathered by the love of games and therefor game development.

We use computers and love to create the best out of what we have. (Xerisers are also known to be the best dancers).

Imad Eddine Toubal

My name is Imad, a graphic and motion designer, been in the industry for about 3 years, I design, I create, I share, and I speak to who ever listens. I am mostly into learning and cats.

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Mohamed Walid Yousfi

Hello World! My name is Walid, a gamer,game developer and computer science student who never stops learning. I hope to deliver the fun i get while making a game to the people who play it... Though as all gamers.. to win is my goal.

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Lotfi Bouchama

Hey, I'm Lotfi! A creative game designer and developer, and computer science student. I am interested in creative from photography to graphic design to development.

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As we might have previously mentioned, we make video games. Check them out!

KYO: Dark Quest

The game is about a Ninja trying to get back his memory, by passing through a series of obstacles and puzzles of all sorts, discovering his powers down the road, and using them for further obstacles and more complex puzzles.

Android [BETA]


Color based puzzle platformer that takes place in an abstract minimalist environment where a cube needs to reach its final destination.

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Paoro is an endless running game, in which a glowing ball tries to make it to the top while avoiding all sorts of obstacles. The diversity of the game along with the increasing level of diffeculty by time, makes it simply addicting.

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The game is endlessly runnig, it takes place in the outer space, the player has to protect the moon from magical astroids that come in different colors, this is where the player needs to chose / form colors that much the astroids color and then destroys them.

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The cheater is a small game developped during a game jam that lasted 3 days, where the player controls a disruptive child trying to sneak at the right time to cheat, without attracting the teacher's attention, to succeed in this game the player must have quick reflexes and an attentive attitude. Cheating is not the best way to pass an exam but in our game it is fun and challenging.

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Tomb Jar

Our game is a platformer puzzle, about a character, who, by accident, casted the wrong ritual from the dark book. The ritual that was supposed to bring one of his loved ones back from the grave, ended up stripping him completely from his physical presence...

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Pinou is a puzzle platformer game made in 3 days for the arabic game jam Zanga2016 which the theme was "illusions"

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Paper Escape

Motion stop game about a stick figure trying to escape a game jam developed in 48 hours during Zanga Game Jam and won the first award

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Triflo:The Start of The Serious Game Business In Algeria


This game is designed specifically for children. It is composed of many challenges where the child will learn to draw, to spell, to calculate...etc, in a gamified fun experience that encourages learning.


This game was developed within a contract with the school stationery company SARL VERTEX. The purpose of the game was to promote Vertex as a brand, as well as their products that are shown in different levels of the game

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And sometimes, we get awarded.

Game Zanga 2017 Winners

First Place winners in the Pan Arab game jam #GameZanga in its seventh edition.

IMGA 2017

Nominee for the International Mobile Gaming Awards Global Competetion in 2017.

Algeria Web Awards 2016

Winners of the best Algerian mobile game in Algeria Web Awards 2016.

Zanga Game Jam 2016

Top 3 game in the 48 hours game development hackathon in the arab world.

Algeria Game Challenge 2016

Colorica won the title of the best game in Algeria Game Challenge in 2015.

Imagine Cup 2016

KYO: Dark Quest, continues to blow juries mind in both Algeria and Pan Arab.

Global Game Jam 2016

Organizers and Tutors in the Algerian copy of Global Game Jam 2016.

Zanga Game Jam 2015

KYO: Dark Quest starting the journey by winning second best game in AGC 2016.

Algeria Game Development Festival 2015

Winners of the best game in the Algerian Game Development festival 2015.

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